2022 Alabama House Bills

A list of all 2022 Alabama House Bills. Click any bill to read the full text and get the current status.

BillTitleSponsorLast ActionSigned
HB534Retirement Systems, Employees Retirement System, procedure for funding benefit increases for retirees provided, actual annual cost identified in annual appropriation actParker Moore04/06/2022
HB533Education, public K-12, microgrants provided to participating students for defraying costs of certain academic and educational enrichment activities and programsMike Ball04/05/2022
HB532Doxing, crime of created, penaltiesShane Stringer03/31/2022
HB531Cannabis, women of childbearing age, certain requirements established for medical cannabis use, Sec. 20-2A-64 am'd.Rich Wingo03/31/2022
HB524Cherokee Ridge, corp. limits alt.Wes Kitchens04/07/2022Signed
HB520Etowah County, Mega Sports Complex Authority, membership, distribution, treatment of debt, and rountine audits provided further, Secs. 45-28-220.03, 45-28-243.02 am'd.Gil Isbell04/07/2022Signed
HB521Presumption of paternity, maintenance of an action to disprove a presumed father's paternity, authorized in certain circumstances, Sec. 26-17-607 am'd.Gil Isbell03/29/2022
HB522Guardianships and conservatorships, Colby Act, decision-making agreements as an alternative to guardianships provided forGil Isbell03/29/2022
HB523Marshall Co., Personnel Board, apppointments, expense allowance of members, Secs. 45-48-121.03, 45-48-121.04 am'd.Wes Kitchens04/07/2022Signed
HB525States rights, to affirm Alabama's sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. ConstitutionArnold Mooney03/29/2022
HB526Gasoline and motor fuel taxes, to suspend a portion of the state excise taxes on gasoline and motor fuels from May 1, 2022 through May 1, 2023, and to provide conditions for the suspension and continuation of the excise taxes.Arnold Mooney03/29/2022
HB527Crimes and offenses, criminal surveillance, crime further provided to include operation of unmanned aircraft system in manner to invade reasonable expectation of privacy, possession of unmanned aircraft system, certain persons prohibited from possession or operation under certain conditions, Secs. 13A-11-30, 13A-11-32 am'd.Arnold Mooney03/29/2022
HB528Veterinary Examiners, State Board of, daily stipend increased for board members, board authorized to increase stipend by rule, Sec. 34-29-67 am'd.Andy Whitt03/29/2022
HB529Infants, Safe Harbor Act, provides for surrender of newborn infant to certain entities, provides for trearment of surrendered newborn infant, Dept. of Human Resources to assume custody of surrendered newborn infant, Secs. 26-25A-1 to 26-25A-7, inclusive, added; Secs. 26-25-1 to 26-25-5, inclusive, repealed.Arnold Mooney03/29/2022
HB530Nullification of federal law, Joint Legislative Committee on the Nullification of Federal Laws, createdArnold Mooney03/29/2022
HB519Rural physicians, income tax credit for practice of medicine in a rural area, conditions and limitations, Secs.40-18-130, 40-18-131, 40-18-132 terminated after tax year 2022, new credit effective January 2023, Bd. of Medical Examiners to certify eligible doctors, Secs. 40-18-133, 40-18-133.1, 40-18-133.2 added; Secs. 40-18-130, 40-18-131, 40-18-132 repealedEd Oliver03/29/2022
HB518Economic development, to create a small business micro-loan program, to establish a micro-loan tax credit for the benefit of the micro-loan program, Secs. 41-10-840 to 41-10-843, inclusive, added.Jeremy Gray03/17/2022
HB512Public records, law enforcement officers and employees, prohibit disclosure of personal identifying information, Sec. 41-13-7.1 add.Shane Stringer03/17/2022
HB513Firearms, revise definition of shotgun, Sec. 13A-11-62 am'd.Shane Stringer04/07/2022Signed
HB514Criminal law, false or secret compartments on motor vehicles, prohibitedArtis McCampbell03/31/2022
HB515Retirement Systems, Tier II members of Employees' Retirement System or Teachers' Retirement System who begin participation on or after October 1, 2022, with at least 30 years of service, to receive annual automatic cola adjustmentDanny Garrett03/17/2022
HB516Taxation, gasoline and motor fuels taxes, portion of state excise taxes suspended on gasoline and motor fuels from May 1, 2022, until September 1, 2022.Dexter Grimsley03/17/2022
HB517Sales and use tax on food, exempt from, beginning September 1, 2022.Dexter Grimsley03/17/2022
HB511Counties and municipalities, building codes, Healthier Homes Construction Practices Act, created, authorization for installation and activities of temporary permanent electricity and temporary permanent gas under certain conditionsScott Stadthagen03/17/2022
HB504Motor vehicles, a law enforcement officers authorized to remove disabled vehicles from a roadway, immunity, Sec. 32-10-1 am'd.Phillip Pettus04/07/2022Signed
HB505Judicial Retirement Fund, unmarried justice or judge, upon retirement to designate a beneficiary for receipt of spousal benefits upon his or her death, authorized, Sec. 12-18-10 am'd.Thomas Jackson03/17/2022
HB506Education, virtual education, to expand option to include grades K-12, to allow a student to attend any Alabama public virtual school operating in the state, Secs. 16-46A-1, 16-46A-2, 16-46A-3 am'd.Mike Ball03/17/2022
HB507Lieutenant Governor, Alabama Council on Law Enforcement Policy, created, powers and duties providedRex Reynolds03/17/2022
HB508Macon Co., county commission, sales and use tax, levy to fund ambulance service, extended, retroactive, Sec. 45-44-247.08 am'd.Pebblin W. Warren04/07/2022Signed
HB509Jefferson Co., Tenth Judicial Circuit, Bessemer Division, add'l assistant district attorney provided for, approval by Jefferson County Commission, Sec. 45-37-82.01 am'd.Rolanda Hollis03/17/2022
HB510COVID-19, occupational licensing boards prohibited to take adverse action based on physician's recommended COVID-19 treatment, health care facilities and pharmacies required to fulfill patient's COVID-19 treatment request, cause of action providedArnold Mooney03/17/2022
HB500Madison Co., coroner, compensation, Sec. 45-45-60 repealed and supersededAndy Whitt04/07/2022Signed
HB501Gaming, official state lottery, established, Alabama Education Lottery Commission established, distribution of lottery proceeds, provided, const. amend.Chip Brown03/17/2022
HB502Lotteries; Alabama Education Lottery Commission, further provided; Alabama Education Lottery Trust Fund established, administration and distribution of funds, provided; licensing of lottery reatilers, provided; state tax on lottery revenues, provided; education scholarship program, created.Chip Brown03/17/2022
HB503Deer hunting, commercial deer hunting operation licensing program, established, licenses and licensing fees, special hunting seasons, Conservation and Natural Resources Dept. to enforce and adopt rules, criminal penalties for violationsJeff Sorrells03/30/2022
HB499Madison Co., county commission, chair, salary, effective term beginning January 2025.Rex Reynolds03/31/2022
HB498Madison Co., sheriff, salary and other compensation, Sec. 45-45-230.01 am'd.Ritchie Whorton04/05/2022
HB497Education, public K-12 schools, to require tutoring for K-3 students who receive failing grades within the first nine weeks of schoolJohn W. Rogers03/15/2022
HB496Lauderdale Co., county commission chair, salary increased, Sec. 45-39-70 am'd.Lynn Greer04/07/2022
HB492Lawrence Co., sheriff, authorizing additional expense allowance, Sec. 45-40-230.01 repealed.Proncey Robertson03/31/2022Signed
HB493Baldwin Co., law librarian, may participate in county employee insurance plans, may accrue leave, Sec. 45-2-80.83 am'd.Harry Shiver03/29/2022
HB494Tuscaloosa Co., law enforcement officers, overtime compensation further provided, Act 80-536, 1980 Reg. Sess., am'd.Rod Scott04/07/2022Signed
HB495Thorsby, alcoholic beverages, sale of draft or keg beer by retail licenseesVan Smith04/07/2022Signed
HB491Crimes and offenses, electronic device, placing certain devices on the property of another person, prohibited, penalties, Secs. 13A-6-95, 13A-6-96 added; Sec. 13A-6-92 am'd.Allen Treadaway03/10/2022
HB490Vessels, operation of watercraft, boater safety certification requirements, further provided, Secs. 33-5-51, 33-5-52, 33-5-72 am'd.Ginny Shaver03/17/2022
HB488First responders, including law enforcement officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel death benefits, COVID-19 death benefit provided, Secs. 36-30-1, 36-30-2, 36-30-3, 36-30-4, 36-30-5, 36-30-7 am'd.Ginny Shaver04/07/2022Signed
HB489Watercraft, operation of, boating under the influence, penalties for violation further provided, Sec. 32-5A-191.3 am'd.Ginny Shaver03/17/2022
HB487Tax credits, adoption, expands eligibility and increases amount of tax credit for adoption, Secs. 40-18-360, 40-18-361 am'd.Ginny Shaver04/07/2022Signed
HB486Veterans Affairs Dept., board member eligibility updated, definitions, rename service manager as veteran service officer and district service commissioner as district manager, appointment of an executive director to oversee operation of state veterans homes, provided, Sec. 31-5-12 repealed; Secs. 31-5-1 to 31-5-11, inclusive, 31-5-13, 31-5-14, 31-5A-1 to 31-5A-11, inclusive, am'd.Rex Reynolds04/06/2022
HB485Livestock, private cause of action for damages to livestock cause by a dog, provided, certain officers to initiate an investigation of injury to livestock, authorized, Secs. 3-1-4, 3-1-6 repealed; Secs. 3-1-1, 3-1-5 am'd.Dickie Drake03/17/2022
HB484Cullman Co., coroner, compensation, Sec. 45-22-60 am'd.Randall Shedd03/31/2022Signed
HB483Madison Co., county-wide personnel system, composition, duties, functions of personnel board, employees covered by the board, injunctive relief for violations, provided, Act 941, 1973 Reg. Sess., am'd.Andy Whitt04/07/2022Signed
HB482Rural economic development, Rural Logging Support Act, established, taxpayers authorized to receive a tax credit for contributions to logging support organizations, exceptions for weight restrictions for certain vehicles used in forest commerce, Sec. 40-21-51 am'd.Joe Lovvorn03/09/2022
HB481Tax increment districts, redevelopment projects authorizes to continue through a subsequent tax increment district, Secs. 11-99-2, 11-99-4, 11-99-5, 11-99-6, 11-99-8, 11-99-10 am'd.Rod Scott03/30/2022
HB477Solid waste recycling, advanced recycling defined, conversion of materials back to basis hydrocarbons, not waste disposal or incineration, Sec. 22-27-2 am'd.Terri Collins03/17/2022
HB480Dallas Co., mayors allowed to participate in Employees' Retirement System, const. amend.Prince Chestnut04/06/2022Signed
HB479Colbert and Lauderdale Counties, Shoals Economic Development Fund, distrib. of funds to Lauderdale Co. Commission for Workforce Training and Development Center, Sec. 45-17-91.23 am'd.Lynn Greer03/15/2022
HB478Blount Co., sheriff, authorized to conduct fund raising eventsRandall Shedd03/30/2022Signed
HB476Marion Co., revenue commissioner, motor vehicle tags, issue by mail and over the Internet, feesTracy Estes04/07/2022Signed
HB475Pickens Co., judge of probate, compensationRodney Sullivan03/29/2022Signed
HB467Alabama Private Investigation Board, qualifications of, background checks on, and continuing education for private investigators; licensing, internships, and regulation of private investigator apprentices; licensing and regulation of private investigation agencies provided, Sec. 24-25B-12.1 added; Secs. 34-25B-2, 34-25B-3, 34-25B-4, 34-25B-7, 34-25B-10, 34-25B-11, 34-25B-12, 34-25B-13, 34-25B-14, 34-25B-17, 34-25B-18, 34-25B-21, 34-25B-22, 34-25B-26 am'd.Arnold Mooney03/17/2022
HB474Recycling, authorizing the Dept. of Environmental Management to issue transferable recycle credits to users of recyclable materials and for off setting solid waste disposal costs, to administer all transactions, to impose civil penalties for fraudBen Robbins03/17/2022
HB473Voting rights restoration, application requirement eliminated, Board of Pardons and Paroles to determine eligibility to receive Certificate of Eligibility to Register to Vote, indigent individual's voting rights to be restored if individual is in compliance with approved payment plan for payment of fines, court costs and fees, Secs. 15-22-36.1, 17-3-31, 17-4-3 am'd.Laura Hall03/08/2022
HB472Public K-12 schools, allow parents of students to opt out of student masking requirementsChip Brown03/17/2022
HB471Agriculture and Industries, Commissioner, salary set beginning the next term of office, Sec. 2-2-5 am'd.Danny Crawford03/30/2022
HB470COVID-19, occupational licensing boards prohibited to take adverse action based on physician's recommended COVID-19 treatment, health care facilities and pharmacies required to fulfill patient's COVID-19 treatment request, cause of action providedChip Brown03/08/2022
HB469Mobile Co., civil service system and personnel bd., City of Semmes and Town of Dauphin Island, optional personnel procedures, unclassified positions, lay-offs, Sec. 45-49-120.36 added; Secs. 45-49-120 to 45-49-120.35, 45-49-120.01, 45-49-120.20 am'd.Chip Brown03/17/2022
HB466Bail bonds, cash bail only requirement removed, under certain conditions, arrest and delivery of a defendant further provided, time frames for providing notice and conducting hearings increased in conditional forfeiture proceedings, Bail Bond Reform Act of 1993, Secs. 15-13-103, 15-13-107, 15-13-111, 15-13-114, 15-13-118, 15-13-125, 15-13-128, 15-13-131, 15-13-132, 15-13-136, 15-13-137, 15-13-138, 15-13-141, 15-13-145, 15-13-159, 15-13-160, 15-13-164 am'd.Chris Pringle03/30/2022
HB468Marshall Co., sheriff, compensation, to receive same uniform increases granted to other elected county officersWes Kitchens03/30/2022Signed
HB465Taxation, Alabama State Missionary Baptist Convention, Incorporated and each local Baptist association in good standing of the convention, exempt from ad valorem and sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-9-12 am'd.Dexter Grimsley03/17/2022
HB464Crimes and offenses, crime of theft of a catalytic converter, createdJamie Kiel03/08/2022
HB463Coosa Co., Forever Wild Land Trust property, certain percentage of available on a marketplace for carbon credits, any income received to be credited to General Fund of Coosa Co., const. amend.Ben Robbins04/07/2022
HB461Florence, procedures for establishment of tourism improvement districts, providedLynn Greer03/17/2022
HB462Firearms, Voluntary Alabama Firearms Do-Not-Sell List created, Mental Health Dept. to administerNeil Rafferty03/17/2022
HB460Public safety, firearms, to prevent certain offenders from owning a firearm, penalties, Sec. 13A-11-72.1 added; Secs. 13A-11-70, 13A11-72, 13A-11-84 am'd.Reed Ingram03/08/2022
HB459Education, charter schools, Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act, operational and categorical funding of public charter schools further provided, Sec. 16-6F-10 am'd.Terri Collins03/08/2022
HB458Economic development, counties and municipalities, requirements revised for incurring indebtedness and for selling or granting public property for private economic development and for certain public notices, Amendment 772, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, am'd., const. amend.Jeff Sorrells04/07/2022Signed
HB457Education, public K-12 schools, prohibits use of certain development programs for studentsTommy Hanes03/08/2022
HB456State Treasury, Education Trust Fund Debt Service Sinking Fund, created, administration and uses, providedDanny Garrett03/17/2022
HB455Adminstrative Office of Courts, to further provide for the compensation of employees of the Administrative Office of Courts, Sec. 12-5-7 am'd.Chris Sells03/30/2022
HB454Wilcox Co., motor vehicles, one-stop tag program by judge of probateKelvin Lawrence03/30/2022Signed
HB453Massage Therapy, Board of, board authorized to grant executive director the authority to approve licenses, require massage therapy establishments and schools to carry liability insurance, definitions further provided, Sec. 34-43-10 repealed; Secs. 34-43-3, 34-43-6, 34-43-7, 34-43-8, 34-43-9, 34-43-11, 34-43-12, 34-43-14, 34-43-15, 34-43-20, 34-43-21 am'd.Parker Moore04/07/2022Signed
HB452Education, education savings accounts, Parent's Choice Program created, membership and duties provided, process for awarding education savings accounts, requirements for education service providersCharlotte Meadows03/03/2022
HB451Motor vehicles, authorized emergency vehicles, use of emergency lights by district attorneys, authorized, Sec. 32-5A-115 am'd.Gil Isbell03/17/2022
HB450Law enforcement, to prohibit a law enforcement officer from using an restraint that restricts blood flow to the neck or head, penalties, require law enforcement agencies to adopt anti four-point restraint policiesAndrew Sorrell03/03/2022
HB449Motor vehicles, photographic speeding enforcement systems, use prohibited in this stateTim Wadsworth03/03/2022
HB448Elections, election officials, permitted to work split shift schedule on election day if approved by judge of probate, Secs. 11-46-27, 17-8-1 am'd.Chris Blackshear03/03/2022
HB447State Public Health Emergency, county health officer to obtain written approval from State Health Officer before issuing order addressing pandemicDanny Garrett03/09/2022
HB446Emergency Communication districts, 911 telephone calls, victims confidential, procedure for release of 911 written transcripts, further provided, maintenacne of recording of 911 calls for two years, Sec. 11-98-12 am'd.David Standridge04/07/2022Signed
HB445Taxation, tax exemptions, Rosetta James Foundation exempt from all state, county, and municipal taxes, licenses, and fees, Sec. 40-9-12 am'd.Laura Hall03/17/2022
HB444Campaign Finance, candidates, failure to timely file statement of appointing committee, forfeits qualification to run, Sec. 17-5-4 am'd.Chris Sells03/03/2022
HB443Nourish One Child, exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-23-5 am'd.Tommy Hanes03/03/2022
HB442Education, public K-12 schools, school sports, requires public K-12 schools and local boards of education to accept certain forms of payments for admission to school sporting eventsSteve Hurst04/06/2022
HB441Autauga Co., county-wide ad valorem tax of 10 mills for public school purposes, const. amend.Will Dismukes03/03/2022
HB440Tobacco products, tax, enforcement by Revenue Dept and law enforcement, tobacco account required, transporting when unstamped and untaxed, civil penalites by Dept., criminal penalties, forfeiture of motor vehicles authorized, Secs. 40-25-8.1, 40-25-8.2, 40-25-26.1 added; Sec. 40-25-16.1 am'd.Kyle South03/31/2022
HB439Education, school grading system, certain English language learners exempt from proficiency assessments considered in grading public K-12 schools, State Superintendent of Education to amend state plan under Every Student Succeeds Act, Sec. 16-6C-2 am'd.Jamie Kiel03/03/2022
HB438Criminal procedure, Human trafficking, victims and witnesses authorized to give video depositions using video equipment, Sec. 15-25-2 am'd.Merika Coleman03/02/2022
HB437Franklin Co., mayors allowed to participate in Employees' Retirement System, const. amend.Jamie Kiel03/29/2022Signed
HB436Butler Co., golf carts, operation on public streets, municipality may authorize, const. amend.Chris Sells03/30/2022Signed
HB435Education, Math and Science Teacher Education Program, to increase the loan repayment award for qualified math and science teachers per semester, Secs. 16-5-54, 16-5-55 am'd.Rich Wingo04/07/2022Signed
HB434Criminal procedure, victims of human trafficking, video depositions and video testimony authorizedMerika Coleman04/07/2022Signed
HB433Municipalities, crematories, prohibited within 1/2 mill of residences or residential areaMary Moore04/06/2022
HB432Ethics, State Ethics Commission, duties and membership revised, penalties, definitions, gift ban, enforcement procedures revised, Sec. 36-25-5.3 added; Secs. 11-3-5, 36-25-1, 36-25-3, 36-25-4, 36-25-4.1, 36-25-4.3, 36-25-5, 36-25-5.1, 36-25-7, 36-25-8, 36-25-9, 36-25-10, 36-25-12, 36-25-13, 36-25-14, 36-25-15, 36-25-16, 36-25-17, 36-25-18, 36-25-19, 36-25-23, 36-25-24, 36-25-27 am'd; Secs. 17-17-4, 36-25-1.1, 36-25-1.3, 36-25-5.2, 36-25-6, 36-25-11, 36-25-22 repealed.Mike Ball03/02/2022
HB431Political Action Committees, PAC to PAC transfers among official county political party PACs and state political party PAC authorized, Sec. 17-5-15 am'd.Matt Simpson03/01/2022
HB430Butler Co., municipality within the county prohibited from establishing a separate city school system without prior approval of a majority of the qualified electors of the county voting at a referendum election, const. amend.Chris Sells03/17/2022Signed
HB429Schools, public K-12, State Board of Education required to phase in the employment of auxiliary teachers to assist classroom teachersNathaniel Ledbetter04/06/2022
HB428Auctioneers, State Board of, exempting computer-automated Internet auctions from regulation by the board, Sec. 34-4-3 am'd.David Faulkner03/09/2022
HB427Deer hunting, commercial deer hunting operation licensing program, established, licenses and licensing fees, special hunting seasons, Conservation and Natural Resources Dept. to enforce and adopt rules, criminal penalties for violationsJeff Sorrells03/08/2022
HB426Washington Co., alcoholic beverage, dry county, authorized to change to wet county, county authorized to levy add'l taxes, const. amend.Brett Easterbrook04/07/2022Signed
HB425Hardship driver license, to further provided for the eligibility of hardship driver licenses, Sec. 32-6-12.1 am'd.Chris England03/17/2022
HB424Tuscaloosa Co., judge of probate, compensation further providedGil Isbell03/29/2022Signed
HB423Health, telehealth and telemedicine further provided for, Secs. 34-24-700 to 34-24-707, inclusive, added; Secs. 34-24-500 to 34-24-508, inclusive, repealed.Paul W. Lee03/09/2022
HB422Homestead exemptions, income threshold for resident taxpayer over 65 years of age increased, Sec. 9-18-19 am'd.Debbie Wood03/01/2022
HB421Employees' Retirement System, employment of retired law enforcement officers as correctional officers permitted without suspension of retirement allowance, Sec. 36-27-8.2 am'd.Jim Hill03/01/2022
HB420St. Clair Co., board of registrars, appointment of additional members by county commissionJim Hill03/29/2022Signed
HB419Finance Dept., Division of Construction Management, inspections further provided for, reporting, recommendations provided, technical revisions, Secs. 16-1-2.4, 16-1-2.5, 41-4-400, 41-4-401 am'd.Nathaniel Ledbetter04/07/2022Signed
HB418Relating to corporate income tax deductions, providing business interest expense deduction limitations, to provide a deduction equal to the business interest expense disallowed on the federal income tax return as a result of 26 U.S.C. Section 163 (j), Sec. 40-18-39.1 repealed.Kyle South03/01/2022
HB417Russell Co., county commission, compensationChris Blackshear03/30/2022Signed
HB416Class 5 mun., organized under Act 71, 1977 Reg. Sess., (Phenix City), city council salary and expense allowance, mayor salary, Act 2009-737, 2009 Reg. Sess., repealed and supersededChris Blackshear03/30/2022Signed
HB415Counties, license taxes, prohibited on farmers for value-added agricultural productsGil Isbell04/07/2022Signed
HB414Boards and commissions, state 911 Board, certification of public safety telecommunications, duties of telecommicators further provided, reasonable alternative method for responding to emergency calls, further provided, Sec. 11-98-11 am'd.Ed Oliver04/07/2022Signed
HB413Dental Scholarship and Loan Awards Board, named, membership and meetings, eliminates Rural Dental Scholars Program, board authorized to make loans for furthering dental education, Secs. 16-47-76, 16-47-77, 16-47-78, 16-47-79, 16-47-80, 16-47-81 am'd.Rod Scott04/07/2022Signed
HB412Sales and use tax, agricultural products, producer value added agricultural products exempt from sales tax, Sec. 40-23-1, 40-23-4 am'd.Van Smith04/06/2022
HB411Alcoholic beverages, brewpubs, annual barrel production limit that allows a beer manufacturer to have a financial interest in a brewpub, further provided, Sec. 28-4A-3 am'd.Rod Scott02/24/2022
HB410Optometric Scholarship Awards Board, meetings conducted remotely, scholarship program expanded to include loans and revise program parameters, Secs. 34-22-60 to 34-22-65, inclusive, am'd.Rod Scott04/07/2022Signed
HB409Construction contracts, indemnification provision for damages caused by another party, prohibitedBen Robbins02/24/2022
HB407Crimes and offenses, to eliminate the crime of possession of marijuana in the first degree if the individual has previous conviction for marijuana in the second degree, provide for jurisdiction in the district court for subsequent possession of marijuana offenses, to permit an individual with felony to have felony offense reduced to a misdemeanor, Secs. 13A-12-213, 13A-12-214 am'd.Dexter Grimsley02/24/2022
HB408Economic Development incentives, Revenue Dept required to submit a Unified Economic Development BudgetNeil Rafferty02/24/2022
HB406Voting, automatic voter registration, process establishedDexter Grimsley02/24/2022
HB405Jefferson Co., sports wagering, Alabama Sports Wagering Commission, created, commission to issue licenses, authorize sports wagering agreements with other governments, Jefferson County Sports Wagering ActJohn W. Rogers02/24/2022
HB404Employees' Retirement System, retirees and beneficiaries, one-time lump-sum additional paymentChris Sells03/09/2022
HB403Criminal code, serious physical injury, definition amended to specify that a penetrating gunshot wound is included in the definition, Sec. 13A-1-2 am'd.TaShina Morris04/07/2022Signed
HB402Pharmacists, authorized to prescribe vaccines and immunizations allowed to administer, required to recommend annual well-child visits for certain children administered a vaccine or immunization, Sec. 34-23-13 added.Joe Lovvorn02/23/2022
HB401Abortion, Every Mother Matters Act, Pregnancy Launch Program created, resource access assistance offers required to be made before performance of an abortionCharlotte Meadows02/23/2022
HB400Taxation, grain bins exempt from ad valorem taxation, Sec. 40-9-1 am'd.Wes Kitchens04/07/2022Signed
HB399Motor vehicles, uniform vehicle width restriction, provided, Sec. 32-9-20 am'd.Van Smith03/15/2022
HB398Small businesses, Dept of Labor to create program to assist small businesses with job creationTim Wadsworth02/22/2022
HB397Private Investigation Regulatory Act, to change the name of the regulatory act to Alabama Private Investigation and Process Server Regulatory Act, licensing and regulation of process servers, Secs. 34-25B-1, 34-25B-2, 34-25B-3, 34-25B-4, 34-25B-7, 34-25B-10, 34-25B-11, 34-25B-12, 34-25B-14, 34-25B-22, 34-25B-24, 34-25B-27 am'd.Arnold Mooney02/22/2022
HB396Elections, judge of probate, authorized to appoint high school students to work as precinct election officialsJohn W. Rogers02/22/2022
HB395Alcoholic beverages, Hospitality Management Program license at certain state universities, activities under license authorized, license feeJoe Lovvorn04/05/2022Signed
HB394Teachers' Retirement System, to allow Tier I members who have retired and reemployed full-time by a local board of education to continue to receive retirement benefits under certain conditions, Sec. 16-25-26 am'd.Wes Kitchens02/22/2022
HB393Schools, failing, scholarships for students assigned to in order to attend another public or nonpublic school, income tax credits for contributions to scholarship granting organizations increased, Sec. 16-6D-9 am'd.Charlotte Meadows03/02/2022
HB392Courts, probate, quiet title judgments and condemnation judgments requires filing for record in probate court of county where land is located, Secs. 6-6-544, 6-6-570 am'd.Scott Stadthagen03/17/2022
HB391Business privilege tax, minimum business privilege tax for taxable years beginning after December 31, 2022, reduced a full exemption on amounts due of $100 or less for taxable years beginning after December 31, 2023, Section 40-14A-22 am'd.Steve Clouse04/05/2022Signed
HB390State holidays, designate Alabama Peace Officers' Memorial DayRussell Bedsole04/05/2022
HB389Municipal courts, traffic tickets, fines and penalties, municipalities limited in the amount of money a municipality may retain, transfer of excess to State Finance Department for further distributionLouise Alexander04/06/2022
HB388Jackson, alcoholic beverages, draft beer, city council may authorize saleBrett Easterbrook03/17/2022Signed
HB387Common Core Curriculum Standards, terminatedBob Fincher02/22/2022
HB383Decedents' estates, will contests, probate courts jurisdiction, removed to circuit courtsTim Wadsworth04/06/2022
HB385Drivers' licenses, exempting homeless children and youth from certain fees associated with drivers' licenses, Law Enforcement Agency rulemaking authority further provided, Secs. 32-6-4, 32-6-6.1, 32-6-13, 32-6-15, 32-6-21 am'd.Kyle South04/07/2022Signed
HB386Bay Minette, corp. limits alt.Harry Shiver03/31/2022Signed
HB384Municipalities, mayor, serving on council when municipality population increases to over 12,000 and up to 25,000 pop., procedures to determine by council after census, Sec. 11-43-2 am'd.Jim Hill04/06/2022Signed
HB382Sales taxes, motor vehicles, drive out exclusion if requested in another state, to include travel trailers or housecars, proof or out-of-state residency, Sec. 40-23-2 am'd.Chris Blackshear04/06/2022Signed
HB381Blount Co., sheriff, compensation, further provided, qualification established, Sec. 45-5-230 am'd.David Standridge03/17/2022Signed
HB380Choctaw Co., motor vehicle tags, Judge of Probate, add'l issuance fee, distribution to Choctaw Co. Rescue Squad, advisory referendumBrett Easterbrook03/29/2022Signed
HB379National Guard, Space Force, Space National Guard, bill operative only if federal government creates Space National Guard, Secs. 31-2-1, 31-2-3, 31-2-55, 31-2-57, 31-3-1 am'd.Parker Moore02/23/2022
HB378Freedom of speech, service providers, prohibit from taking certain restrictive actions against a user based on content of speech expressedArnold Mooney02/17/2022
HB377Employment practice, unlawful to inquire from job applicant information relating to arrests or conviction of crimes, criminal record, with exceptionsJuandalynn Givan02/17/2022
HB370Civil procedure, to further provide for the statute of limitations for civil actions involving certain sex offenses, Sec. 6-2-8 am'd.Merika Coleman02/16/2022
HB376Teachers' Retirement System and Employees' Retirement System, to revise temporarily the eligibility and compensation of retirees for participating in either system after retirement, Secs. 16-25-25.2, 36-27-8.3 added; Secs. 16-25-26, 36-27-8.2 am'd.Rex Reynolds03/10/2022
HB375Wilcox Co., ad valorem tax, co. commission authorized to levy add'l taxes, distrib. for county purposes and for public schools, referendumKelvin Lawrence02/16/2022
HB374Elections, voters and voting, providing procedures for an elector to vote when he or she has changed domicile, Sec. 17-9-10 am'd.Chip Brown02/16/2022
HB373Bessemer, Employees' Retirement System, allow elected officials to participate in, const. amend.Louise Alexander02/16/2022
HB372Crimes and offenses, elder abuse, crime further provided, definition of emotional abuse further provided, Secs. 13A-6-191, 13A-6-192 am'd.Louise Alexander02/16/2022
HB371Revenue, local tax collecting officials, tax lien auctions, procedures to conduct on-line public auctions for collection of delinquent property taxes, further provided for, Secs. 40-10-180 to 40-10-188, inclusive, 40-10-191, 40-10-193, 40-10-194, 40-10-197, 40-10-199 am'd.Corley Ellis03/29/2022Signed
HB369Radiation Control Agency of Public Health Dept., radiography, diagnostic imaging, and radiation therapy, health care personnel performing, licensing and reg. advisory, committee establishedJoe Lovvorn02/16/2022
HB368Motor vehicles, motor vehicles used to transport timber allowed a weight variance per axle, Sec. 32-9-20 am'd.Bob Fincher02/16/2022
HB367Employees' Retirement System, employment of retired law enforcement officers as correctional officers permitted without suspension of retirement allowance, Sec. 36-27-8.2 am'd.Allen Treadaway02/16/2022
HB366Court Reporting, Board of, freelance, official, and supervising court reporter defined, board staff, investigations and hearings pursuant to APA, temporary licensure, lapsed and expired licenses, and fees, Secs. 34-8B-2, 34-8B-4, 34-8B-5, 34-8B-6, 34-8B-8, 34-8B-10, 34-8B-12, 34-8B-13, 34-8B-15, 34-8B-16, 34-8B-17 am'd.Allen Treadaway02/16/2022
HB365Child custody, parenting plan required in all cases, court established plan in certain cases, remedies for violations of plan, Sec. 30-3-158 added; Secs. 30-3-150, 30-3-151, 30-3-152, 30-3-153 am'd.Kenneth Paschal03/17/2022
HB364Private Investigation Regulatory Act, to change the name of the regulatory act to Alabama Private Investigation and Process Server Regulatory Act, licensing and regulation of process servers, Secs. 34-25B-1, 34-25B-2, 34-25B-3, 34-25B-4, 34-25B-7, 34-25B-10, 34-25B-11, 34-25B-12, 34-25B-14, 34-25B-22, 34-25B-24, 34-25B-27 am'd.Arnold Mooney02/16/2022
HB363Motor fuel, retailers and transportation infrastructure, state and political subdivisions prohibited from regulating exception for Chapter 17, Title 40.Wes Kitchens02/16/2022
HB362Related to Tennessee Valley Authority (T.V.A.) in-lieu-of-taxes payments, to revise the distribution of payments received by certain counties, to make nonsubstantive technical changes to update existing Code language to current style, Sec. 40-28-2 am'd.Lynn Greer02/16/2022
HB361Meetings of governmental bodies, virtual means, Sec. 36-25A-5.1 am'd.Prince Chestnut02/16/2022
HB360Medicaid, extend postpartum coverage for eligible pregnant women to one year after birthLaura Hall02/16/2022
HB359Criminal justice agencies, required to submit reports concerning reported and unreported sexual assault casesChip Brown04/05/2022
HB357Electrical Contractors, Alabama Board of, board membership revised, board authorized to subpoena witnesses and investigate complaints, expiration of licenses, local business licenses texting deleted, Secs. 34-36-3, 34-36-4, 34-36-6, 34-36-7, 34-36-8, 34-36-9, 34-36-13, 34-36-16 am'd.Phillip Pettus02/15/2022
HB358Civil procedure, to further provide for the statute of limitations for civil actions involving certain sex offenses, Sec. 6-2-8 am'd.Merika Coleman02/15/2022
HB356Election, clarifying the distance from a polling place within which an individual may not campaign, Sec. 17-9-50 am'd.Arnold Mooney04/06/2022
HB355Corrections Department, inmates, to apply certain sentencing provisions to certain defendants, Sec. 15-22-26.2 am'd.Phillip Pettus02/15/2022
HB354Absentee voting, requiring photo ID with absentee ballot, prohibiting absentee election manager and circuit clerk from extending operating hours, requiring absentee election manager to submit report, Secs. 17-9-30, 17-11-2, 17-11-4, 17-11-5, 17-11-11, 17-11-18 am'd.Arnold Mooney02/15/2022
HB353Taxation, Blessing Angels Gifting Tree, exempt from state, county, and municipal sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-23-5 am'd.Barbara Drummond03/02/2022
HB352State Employee Retirees' Trust Fund Funding Act, State Employee Retirees' Trust Fund created in State Treasury as permanent trust and investment account to fund periodic bonus checks for state employee retireesCharlotte Meadows04/07/2022Signed
HB350Peanut, designated as official state legumeWes Allen03/31/2022Signed
HB351Related to Tennessee Valley Authority (T.V.A.) in-lieu-of-taxes payments, to revise the distribution of payments received by certain counties, to make nonsubstantive technical changes to update existing Code language to current style, Sec. 40-28-5 repealed; Sec. 40-28-2 am'd.Lynn Greer02/15/2022
HB349Abortion, Every Mother Matters Act, Pregnancy Launch Program created, resource access assistance offers required to be made before performance of an abortionCharlotte Meadows02/15/2022
HB348Landscape Architects, Board of Examiners of, use of the landscape architect title, by individuals and certain business entities, Secs. 34-17-4, 34-17-7, 34-17-24, 34-17-25 am'd.Parker Moore03/30/2022
HB347Community development districts, new category establishment authorized, sale of alcoholic beverages permitted, Sec. 35-8B-1 am'd.Parker Moore04/07/2022Signed
HB346Employees' Retirement System, deadline for passing resolution for local employer participating in system to provide Tier I benefits to Tier II employees removed, Sec. 36-27-6.5 am'd.Corley Ellis04/07/2022Signed
HB345St. Clair Co., sheriff, service of process, fee established, St. Clair Co. Sheriff's Service of Process Fee Fund, establishedJim Hill03/17/2022Signed
HB344Jefferson Co., municipal and county entities, electronic participation in meetings, provided for under certain conditions, const. amend.Mary Moore02/15/2022
HB343Voting, paper ballot as integral part of state's electronic vote counting system, required, Sec. 17-7-23 am'd.Arnold Mooney03/02/2022
HB342Elections, electronic vote counting systems, use of electronic vote counting systems capable of connecting to the Internet or cell phone networks, or that possess modem technology are prohibited, Sec. 17-7-21 am'd.Arnold Mooney03/02/2022
HB341Community punishment and corrections authority, to further provide for its responsibilitiesKyle South02/23/2022
HB340Board of Cosmetology and Barbering, to allow licensed cosmetologist to sponsor up to three apprentices at one timeRod Scott02/15/2022
HB339Law enforcement, amending definition of peace officer to include federal agent, Sec. 13A-10-11 am'd.Tracy Estes03/10/2022
HB338Funeral Service Board, licensing and regulation of cemetery authorities and cemeteries, Secs. 34-13-300 to 34-13-317, inclusive, added; Secs. 27-17A-46, 27-17A-47, 27-17A-48 repealed; Secs. 34-13-20, 34-13-111 am'd.K.L. Brown02/23/2022
HB336Plumbers and gas fitters, journeyman plumber replaced with a residential plumber as a member of the board, expand examination options for a journeyman plumber or gas fitter, definitions, Secs. 34-37-1, 34-37-3, 34-37-6 am'd.Rex Reynolds03/31/2022Signed
HB337Crimes and offenses, to revise the criminal penalties for violations of fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement, Sec. 13A-10-52 am'd.Ginny Shaver04/06/2022
HB333Justice Information Commission, membership further provided for judges of probate and municipal court judges, Sec. 41-9-592 am'd.Laura Hall03/29/2022Signed
HB332Crimes and offenses, to further provide for assault in the second degree, Sec. 13A-6-21 am'd.Allen Treadaway04/06/2022
HB335Small loans companies, licensees of Banking Dept., additional limited closing fee for loans, Sec. 5-18-15 am'd.Chris Blackshear03/29/2022Signed
HB334Commercial fishing, paddlefish season, license from Conservation and Natural Resources Dept., regulation, finesTommy Hanes02/10/2022
HB331Public schools, require a child successfully complete kindergarten before being admitted to the first grade, Sec. 16-28-4 am'd.Pebblin W. Warren03/29/2022
HB330Jefferson County, General Retirement System, optional 25-year superannuation benefit for certain members who enter system on or after October 1, 2022, provided, Secs. 45-37-123.20, 45-37-123.22, 45-37-123.80, 45-37-123.82, 45-37-123.100, 45-37-123.104 am'd.Allen Treadaway02/15/2022
HB329Retirement System, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and correctional officers, hazardous duty time, removing the time limit for purchasing for prior eligible service, Sec. 36-27-59 am'd.Joe Lovvorn03/01/2022
HB328Alcoholic beverages, spirit infused beverages, defined, manufacture, wholesale, retail sale provided for, tax on retail sale of spirit infused beverages, Secs. 28-3-1, 28-3-53.2, 28-3A-9, 28-3A-21, 28-7A-2 am'd.Gil Isbell02/09/2022
HB327Franklin Co., sheriff, abandoned and stolen property, sale, procedureJamie Kiel03/17/2022Signed
HB325Alabama Land Bank Authority, exempt certain property that may be acquired by a Land Bank Authority and allow redemption of property acquired by authority, Secs. 24-9-4, 24-9-6, 24-9-7, 24-9-10 am'd.John W. Rogers02/09/2022
HB326Firearms, storage requirements, prohibit access of loaded firearms to a minor child, penaltiesJohn W. Rogers02/09/2022
HB324Emergency medical services, declared to be for a public purposeJohn W. Rogers02/09/2022
HB323Justices and judges, revise compensation received by retired justices and judges who are called to active duty, Secs. 12-18-10, 12-18-61 am'd.Jim Hill03/10/2022
HB322Public schools, restrooms or changing areas, required to be used based on individual's biological sex, kindergarden to fifth grade classroom instruction, limited regarding sexual orientation or gender identity, St. Board of Education to adopt rulesScott Stadthagen04/07/2022Signed
HB321Relating to sales taxes, to remove the exclusion for travel trailers or housecars that will be registered outside Alabama from the exemption of sales tax, and to provide that sales of travel trailers and housecars are not subject to sales tax, Sec. 40-23-2 am'd.Chris Blackshear02/09/2022
HB320Scottsboro, mayor and city council, and city board of education, terms extended, election date revisedTommy Hanes02/09/2022
HB319Constitution, authorizing Code Commissioner, upon ratification of an official Constitution of Alabama of 2022, to make certain revisions, const. amend.Merika Coleman03/29/2022Signed
HB318Commerce, online marketplaces, certain disclosures required to be made by certain high-volume third-party sellers, consumer protections providedGil Isbell04/07/2022Signed
HB317Legislature, term limits of two terms plus two years in each house provided, prior service not counted, const. amend.David Wheeler02/09/2022
HB316Municipal courts, to provide minimum guidelines for the handling of court costs, fees, and fines in municipal courtsJuandalynn Givan02/08/2022
HB315Crimes and offenses, municipalities, crime of misrepresenting the police jurisdiction estab., penaltiesJuandalynn Givan04/07/2022Signed
HB314Child custody, parenting plan required in all cases, court established plan in certain cases, remedies for violations of plan, Sec. 30-3-158 added; Secs. 30-3-1, 30-3-150, 30-3-151, 30-3-152, 30-3-153, 30-3-157 am'd.Ben Robbins04/05/2022
HB313Chiropractic Examiners, Board of, authorized to acquire, convey, and hold real property, Sec. 34-24-143 am'd.Terri Collins03/10/2022Signed
HB312Education and training, divisive concepts, prohibits teaching of the concepts under certain circumstances, allows teaching of the concepts in public institutions of higher education as long as assent to the concept is not compelledEd Oliver03/17/2022
HB311Colleges and Universities, Alabama G.I. and Dependents' Educational Benefit Act, use of scholarship benefits at 2 year or 4 year public or private institutions of higher education physically located in state provided, Sec. 31-6-8 repealed; Secs. 31-6-2, 31-6-2.1, 31-6-3, 31-6-4, 31-6-5, 31-6-6, 31-6-9, 31-6-11, 31-6-12, 31-6-13, 31-6-14, 31-6-15, 31-6-15.1, 31-6-16 am'd.Joe Lovvorn02/16/2022
HB310Firearms, Alabama Second Amendment Preservation Act, restrictions on enforcement of executive orders, providedDavid Standridge03/17/2022
HB309Lowndes County, coroner, expense allowance increased, Sec. 45-43-60 am'd.Kelvin Lawrence03/17/2022Signed
HB308Employees' Retirement System, retirement benefits for Tier II plan members modified to provide 30-year service retirement, conversion of sick leave, and hazardous duty time for firefighters, law enforcement, and correctional officers, contribution rate increased, Secs. 36-26-36.1, 36-27-16, 36-27-24, 36-27-59 am'd.Reed Ingram04/07/2022Signed
HB306Baldwin Co., Barbers' Commission abolished, regulated by state board, Act 253, 1951 Reg. Sess., repealedHarry Shiver03/17/2022Signed
HB307Education, issuance of professional educator certificate to individuals completing approved alternative teacher preparation programs, further provided for, St. Board of Education to adopt policies, Sec. 16-23-3.01 added; Sec. 16-23-3 am'd.Alan Baker03/29/2022Signed
HB305Municipal business license, rental and leasing services, not required to obtain a business license in each municipality in which its equipment is rented or leasedPaul W. Lee03/15/2022
HB304Solid waste management sites, local approval, Sec. 22-27-48 am'd.Alan Baker04/07/2022Signed
HB297Railroad Modernization Act of 2019, to change the administering agency from Dept. of Commerce to the Dept. of Revenue for the tax credit program, annual cap on income tax credits increased, sunset date extended for five years through tax year 2027, Secs. 37-11C-2, 37-11C-3, 37-11C-4, 37-11C-5, 37-11C-6 am'd.Rod Scott04/05/2022Signed
HB296Escambia Co., sheriff, fingerprinting, fees for personal purposesAlan Baker03/01/2022Signed
HB290Controlled substances, to exempt non-psychoactive cannabinols derived from hemp from the controlled substance list, Sec. 20-2-23 am'd.Jamie Kiel02/08/2022
HB288U.S. Congressional, districts redrawn, Sec. 17-14-70 repealed; Sec. 17-14-70 addedMerika Coleman02/08/2022
HB289Supplemental Appropriations, from the American Rescue Plan Act - State Small Business Credit Initiative Fund for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022.Steve Clouse03/09/2022
HB287Emergency medical transport providers, assessment imposed for the maintenance and expansion of emergency medical transport services through additional Medicaid enhancement payments, methodology for calculation of assessment and rate provided, and effective period for assessment provided, Secs 40-26B-90 to 40-26B-99, inclusive, added.Steve Clouse03/03/2022Signed
HB286Hospitals, private hospital assessment and Medicaid funding program extended for fiscal year 2025, Secs. 40-26B-71, 40-26B-73, 40-26B-77.1, 40-26B-79, 40-26B-80, 40-26B-81, 40-26B-82, 40-26B-84, 40-26B-88 am'd.Steve Clouse03/03/2022Signed
HB285Nursing facilities, privilege assessments and surcharge on each nursing home bed, assessment extended, to August 31, 2025, Sec. 40-26B-21 am'd.Steve Clouse03/03/2022Signed
HB284Human trafficking, definitions amended to include additional offenses, Sec. 13A-6-151 am'd.Merika Coleman04/07/2022Signed
HB303Education, Alabama State University, provides for electronic meetings of the board of trustees, Sec. 16-50-26 am'd.Napoleon Bracy02/08/2022
HB302Baldwin Co., sheriff, expense allowance, salary, cost-of-living adjustments, provided for, Secs. 45-2-230, 45-2-230.02 repealedHarry Shiver03/17/2022Signed
HB300Baldwin Co., sheriff, service of process fee increased, distribution and use of funds further provided for, Sec. 45-2-231.90 am'd.Harry Shiver03/17/2022Signed
HB301Baldwin County, coroner, compensation, further provided, Sec. 45-2-60 am'd.Harry Shiver03/17/2022Signed
HB299Baldwin County, Co. Board of Education, members elected from unincorporated areas of the county having a separate school systemHarry Shiver03/29/2022Signed
HB298Broadband, revising broadband accessibility grant program, increasing minimum threshold speed, expanding program to governmental entities, revising grant application process, Sec. 41-23-211, 41-23-212, 41-23-213, 41-23-214 am'd.Juandalynn Givan02/08/2022
HB295Abortion, fetal heartbeat; prohibits abortion if fetal heartbeat detected; private cause of action authorized.Jamie Kiel02/08/2022
HB294Motorcycles, use of helmet, exception to use requirement provided, Sec. 32-5A-245 am'd.Jamie Kiel02/08/2022
HB293Retirement benefits, revise circumstances when an individual's pension, annuity, or retirement allowance benefits are subject to certain recovery actions, Secs. 16-25-23, 36-27-28 am'd.Jamie Kiel04/06/2022
HB292Crimes and offenses, incest, crime further provided for to include additional sexual activity as prohibited behavior under the offense, Sec. 13A-13-3 am'd.Jamie Kiel02/08/2022
HB291Security cameras, requiring each courthouse, shopping mall, and business within a shopping mall to operate a security camera at all times, requiring each video and audio recording to be stored for 60 days after recordingJohn W. Rogers02/08/2022
HB283Criminal procedure, human trafficking, victims and witnesses authorized to give testimony by closed circuit equipment, Sec. 15-25-3 am'd.Merika Coleman02/08/2022
HB282Shelby Co., civil service system, exempt employees further provided for in Judge of Probate and Property Tax Commissioner offices, Act 93-664, 1993 Reg. Sess., am'd.Corley Ellis02/17/2022Signed
HB281Shelby Co., law enforcement personnel board, compensation, amount of proceeds board receives from tax on beer increased, distrib. to sheriff for law enforcement purposes, Act 79-524, 1979 Reg. Sess. am'd.Corley Ellis02/17/2022Signed
HB280Taxation, Preceptor Tax Incentive Program, established, income tax credit incentives provided for certain medical studentsChris Sells02/08/2022
HB279Cellular telephone service, requires the Public Service Commission to establish a website for user complaints relating to cellular telephone service and forward the collected information to service providersChris Sells02/08/2022
HB278Retirement System, retirees required to draw retirement benefits for a least a year before returning to compensated work for a participating employer, Secs. 16-25-26, 29-4-6, 36-27-8.2 repealed; Secs. 16-25-14, 36-27-16 am'd.Chris Sells02/08/2022
HB277Gasoline and motor fuel taxes, levied by muns. and counties, use restricted to road and bridge construction and maintenance, exceptions if pledged for bonds, special projects, or after approval by referendumChris Sells02/08/2022
HB276Municipalities, audits, calculation of revenue from traffic violations required, threshold established, surplus to be remitted for educationMerika Coleman02/08/2022
HB275Home inspectors, limitations period or liability, provided, Sec. 34-14B-11 added; Sec. 34-14B-3 am'd.Danny Garrett02/08/2022
HB256Municipal Audit Clarification Act, annual or biennial audit or annual report in lieu of audit, based on annual expenditures of municipality, Sec. 11-43-85 am'd.Prince Chestnut04/06/2022Signed
HB274Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), fund established to provide PTSD health costs for first responders, Dept of Labor authorized to regulatePhillip Pettus02/03/2022
HB273Shelby Co., motor vehicles, low speed vehicles, operation authorized, const. amend.Russell Bedsole02/17/2022Signed
HB272Firearms, certain restrictions on carrying in motor vehicle, Local Government Pistol Permit Revenue Loss Fund, created, penalties, provided, Secs. 13A-11-55, 13A-11-73 repealed; Secs. 13A-11-7, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-61.2, 13A-11-62, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-74, 13A-11-85, 13A-11-90 am'd.Shane Stringer03/10/2022Signed
HB271Citizens arrest, criminal procedure, Sec. 15-10-7 repealed.Merika Coleman02/03/2022
HB270Cullman County, Battleground School Historical Board, referendum requirement deleted for transfer or sale of school property, Sec. 45-22-224 am'd.Scott Stadthagen03/17/2022Signed
HB269Children First Trust Fund, appropriations from for fiscal year ending September 30, 2023, use of allocation pursuant to Section 41-15B-2.2 and this act, tobacco settlement revenues deposited in fund within 30 days of receipt, Finance Director to notify each agency of allocation, appropriations conditional on tobacco revenues, appropriation of additional tobacco settlement funds, audit, Children's Affairs Department to report to Legislature and Children's Policy Council, appropriations from General Fund to various entitiesPebblin W. Warren03/09/2022
HB268Nurse Anesthetists, Certified Registered, scope of practice is in coordination with licensed physician or podiatrist, Sec. 34-21-81 am'd.Wes Kitchens04/05/2022Signed
HB267Appropriations, school systems, colleges and universities and other entities, supplemental appropriations for fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, from the Education Trust Fund Advancement and TechnologyDanny Garrett04/06/2022Signed
HB266Public health, minors, biological male or female, sexual state, practices to alter or affirm minor's sexual identity or perception such as prescribing puberty blocking medication or surgeries, prohibited, exceptions, nurses and school personnel not to withhold information from parents, violations a Class C felonyWes Allen03/02/2022
HB265Board of Registrars, compensation increased, Sec. 17-3-5 am'd.Bob Fincher03/01/2022
HB264Alimony, provide for termination of alimony upon cohabitation with adult of same sex, Sec. 30-2-55 am'd.Allen Treadaway02/03/2022
HB263Visitation, court authorized to grant visitation rights to an adoptee's grandparent in certain situations, Sec. 30-3-4.2 am'd.Allen Treadaway02/03/2022
HB262Motor vehicles, forestry harvesting and management equp., included as trucks or truck tractors used by a farmer or to haul forest products for licensing purposes, Sec. 40-12-248 am'd.Wes Allen03/29/2022Signed
HB261Abortion, ban non-surgical, chemical abortions, criminal penalties, Alabama Chemical Abortion Prohibition ActAndrew Sorrell02/23/2022
HB260Crimes and offenses, to further provide for the crime of criminal homicide, Sec. 13A-6-5 added.Matt Simpson03/17/2022
HB259Education, personal finance literacy, personal rights, and good citizenship in grades 6-12, Sec. 16-40-12 added.Prince Chestnut02/03/2022
HB258Montgomery Co., county commission, salary increaseTaShina Morris03/10/2022
HB257Voting, automatic voter registration, process establishedPrince Chestnut02/03/2022
HB255Broadband, authorizing the state, county, or a municipality to grant certain monies for broadband infrastructure, const. amend.Randall Shedd03/10/2022Signed
HB254Montgomery Co., sheriff, authorize to conduct fund raising events, proceeds for operation of sheriff's officeKenyatte Hassell03/30/2022Signed
HB253Firefighters and rescue squad members, income tax credit for training under certain conditionsRussell Bedsole04/07/2022Signed
HB252Crime Victims Compensation Commission, compensation claims, authority to authorize executive director to approve any claims, contested cases under Ala. Admin. Procedure Act, commission to meet quarterly, Secs. 15-23-4, 15-23-5 am'd.Corley Ellis03/17/2022
HB251Code of Alabama 1975, Acts of 2021 Regular Session, supplements and certain replacement volumes, codified with certain corrections, local laws of certain counties codified, duties of Secretary of StateVictor Gaston02/03/2022
HB250Port Authority, authorized to build and operate internmodal and multi-modal transfer facilities, Secs. 33-1-16, 33-1-31am'd.Kenyatte Hassell03/10/2022Signed
HB249Credit union administration, examiners, travel expenses to be set by the adminstrator, Sec. 5-17-7 am'd.Craig Lipscomb03/02/2022
HB248Sovereign immunity, certain county officials, further provided, Sec. 36-1-12 am'd.Gil Isbell02/03/2022
HB247Montgomery Co., county commission, salary, existing expense allowance converted to salary, Act 85-550, 1985 Reg. Sess., and Act 2007-331, 2007 Reg. Sess., repealedReed Ingram03/30/2022Signed
HB245Education, education savings accounts, Parent's Choice Program created, membership and duties provided, process for awarding education savings accounts, requirements for education service providersCharlotte Meadows02/02/2022
HB242Munford, corp. limits alt.Steve Hurst04/07/2022Signed
HB240Alcoholic beverages, direct line shippers, fulfillment centers, may ship to any county or municipality, application further provided for, exempt from registration as foreign entity with Sec. of State, Secs. 28-3A-6.1, 28-3A-6.2 am'd.Terri Collins02/02/2022
HB238Courts, garnishment proceedings, service of garnishment notice may be perfected by motion and court order under certain conditions, Sec. 6-6-394.1 added.David Faulkner04/05/2022Signed
HB232Controlled substance database, access by medical examiners, coroners, and deputy coroners, in certain circumstances, Sec. 20-2-214 am'd.Russell Bedsole04/07/2022Signed
HB237Education, armed forces, parent or guardian authorized to enroll his or her child in a public K-12 school located away from the military installation under certain circumstancesMike Ball02/02/2022
HB231Taxation, income tax, exclusion of enhanced federal child tax credits from American Rescue Plan Act from calculation of federal income tax deduction for tax year 2021, extension of the due date for certain taxpayers, Secs. 40-16-3.1, 40-18-39.2 added.Jim Carns02/22/2022Signed
HB230Correction Dept., female inmates, prohibited practices regarding treatment of pregnant female inmates or female inmates in postpartum periodRolanda Hollis04/07/2022Signed
HB229Open Meetings Act, participation in meetings by electronic communication further provided, Sec. 36-25A-5.1 am'd.Ben Robbins02/02/2022
HB226Mobile County, court costs, add'l levied in circuit and district court criminal cases, distrib. for mental health courtMatt Simpson02/02/2022
HB225Absentee voting, eliminating requirement that affidavit accompanying absentee ballot be witnessed or notarized, Sec. 17-11-7, 17-11-10 am'd.Ben Robbins03/02/2022
HB224Jackson Co., sheriff, salary increase, effective next termTommy Hanes02/16/2022
HB223Taxation, sales and use taxes, Touch of Faith Family Services exempt from state, county, and municipal taxesDickie Drake04/06/2022
HB221Courts, Administrative Director of Courts required to submit a listing of judges to the Secretary of State that are to appear on the ballot for the next general election, Sec. 17-14-7 am'd.Jim Hill03/17/2022
HB220Literacy Act, definitions further provided, membership and duties of the Literacy Task Force, duties and functioning of the Alabama Committee on Grade Level Reading, Secs. 16-6G-2 to 16-6G-5, inclusive, am'd.Terri Collins04/05/2022Signed
HB217Absentee voting, authorize without providing excuse, Secs. 17-11-3, 17-11-7 am'd.Thomas Jackson02/02/2022
HB214Teachers' Retirement System, retirees and beneficiaries, receiving benefits on a certain date, one-time lump sum payment, payment in May 2022, funding to be in Education Trust Fund budget for fiscal year commencing in Oct. 1, 2022.Barbara Drummond02/02/2022
HB212Prattville, taxation, distribution of certain sales and use tax proceeds revised, Elmore County Commission to remit certain lodging tax proceeds to the City of Prattville, Secs. 45-1A-43, 45-26-246.05 am'd.Reed Ingram02/09/2022
HB211Finance Dept., Chief Procurement Officer, powers and duties further provided, Rehabilitation Services Dept., exempt, Secs. 41-4-122, 41-4-126, 41-4-132, 41-4-133, 41-4-171 am'd.Danny Garrett02/09/2022
HB209Corporations, stock, issuance in fractional shores reg., issuance of scrip in bearer form prohibited, Sec. 10A-2A-6.04 am'd.Tim Wadsworth02/16/2022
HB207Airports, Alabama Airport Economic and Infrastructure Program, establishedKyle South02/02/2022
HB206Russell Co., sheriff, Inmate Welfare Fund, use of funds for law enforcement purposes, Act 92-692, 1992 Second Sp. Sess., am'd.Chris Blackshear03/17/2022Signed
HB204Elections, county canvassing board to conduct post-election audit, November 2020 general electionTommy Hanes02/02/2022
HB202State employees, cost-of-living increase for fiscal year beginning October 1, 2022.Kelvin Lawrence03/09/2022
HB201Wilcox Co., boards of registrars, increase maximum number of days board may meet each year, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Kelvin Lawrence03/02/2022
HB246Monuments, Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017, a county or municipality authorize to remove any monument located on public property for less than 50 years, a waiver required from Committee on Alabama Monument Protection before monument can be removed that has been situated for 50 years of more, Sec. 41-9-230 repealed; Secs. 41-9-231 to 41-9-237, inclusive, am'd.Mike Ball02/02/2022
HB244Collectible items, sports memorabilia, art, etc., represented as authentic, recovery of purchase price if not authentic, civil actions, damagesGinny Shaver04/05/2022Signed
HB243Parole, to revise the criteria for parole consideration, Secs. 15-22-24, 15-22-26, 15-22-37 am'd.Neil Rafferty02/02/2022
HB241Workforce Development, Alabama Credential Quality and Transparency Act and the Alabama Workforce Council Committee on Credential Quality and Transparency, would establish the Alabama Terminal on Linking and Analyzing Statistics (ATLAS) on Career Pathways Act, and would establish the Alabama College and Career Readiness Act estab, public database on educational and occupational credentials and competencies created, workforce database for students, job seekers, and employers re credentials and competencies createdTerri Collins02/15/2022
HB236Cherokee Co., service of process fee, charged for service of documents by sheriffNathaniel Ledbetter03/10/2022
HB239Elections, prohibiting poll watchers from assisting an individual with voting, Secs. 11-46-51, 17-9-13 am'd.David Faulkner04/06/2022
HB235Travel insurance, Travel Insurance Act, created, licensing and registration requirements revised, sale of travel insurance, establish sales practices standards, Secs. 27-64-1 to 27-64-10, inclusive, added; Sec. 27-7-5.2 repealedDavid Faulkner03/10/2022Signed
HB234Class 1 municipality (B'ham), alcoholic beverages, food trucks, license to sell for public consumption authorized, Sec. 28-3A-17.1 added.Neil Rafferty04/07/2022Signed
HB233Taxation, sales tax exemptions, sales and use tax exemption provided for certain purchases of diapers and feminine hygiene products, Sec. 40-23-4 am'd.Neil Rafferty02/02/2022
HB228Assault in the second degree, physical injury to employee of Dept. of Human Resouces or social worker, included in offense, Sec. 13A-6-21 am'd.Russell Bedsole02/02/2022
HB227Probate Courts, jurisdiction further provided including for name changes for minors and elder abuse protection orders and enforcement, Secs. 38-9-3.1, 38-9-6.1 added; Secs. 12-13-1, 38-9-2, 38-9F-4 am'd.Matt Simpson03/03/2022
HB222Occupational therapy, Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact, occupational therapists authorized to practice on a limited basis among compact statesDickie Drake02/24/2022
HB219Professional counseling, Counseling Compact, licensed professional counselors authorized to practice on a limited basis among compact member statesKenneth Paschal02/24/2022
HB218Elections, early voting, authorize voting during four to six day period immediately preceding election dayThomas Jackson02/02/2022
HB216Marriage and Family Therapy, Board of Examiners in, board authorized to establish training and supervisory designations and to revoke, deny, or suspend designations, Secs. 34-17A-3, 34-17A-5, 34-17A-10, 34-17A-14 am'd.Thomas Jackson03/29/2022Signed
HB215Class 3 municipalities, entertainment districts, further provided, Sec. 28-3A-17.1 am'd.Mike Ball03/29/2022Signed
HB213Mobile County, county treasurer, office abolished, duties transferred to county commissionBarbara Drummond03/01/2022Signed
HB210Blount County, county commission, chair, election, compensation, duties provided for, judge of probate no longer to serve as chairWes Kitchens03/17/2022Signed
HB208Crimes and offenses, aggravated menacing, menacing further provided for, violent offenses, domestic violence 2nd further provided for, establish penalties for violations, Sec. 13A-6-23.1 added; Secs. 12-25-32, 13A-6-23, 13A-6-131 am'd.Margie Wilcox02/02/2022
HB205Motor vehicles, motor vehicle dealers, off-site sale or delivery to customer, off-site license not required, Sec. 40-12-395 am'd.Chris Blackshear04/05/2022Signed
HB203Public education, prohibits teaching of divisive concepts relating to race and sex, prohibits classification of students based on race, penaltiesTommy Hanes02/23/2022
HB200Driver's license, provide for the elimination of the suspension of an individual's driver license or driving privilege in certain circumstancesMerika Coleman03/17/2022
HB197Artificial intelligence, limit the use of facial recognition, to ensure artificial intelligence is not the only basis for arrestRod Scott03/31/2022
HB199Governor's Office of Minority Affairs, name changed to Alabama Office of Minority Affairs, established as a separate state agency, authorized to draft policy recommendations, merit and non-merit staff provided for, technical corrections re name change made to Historic Tax Credit Evaluating Committee, Secs. 36-13-50, 36-13-51, 36-13-53, 40-9F-38 am'd.Laura Hall04/07/2022Signed
HB198Taxation, check-off contribution to State Park Division of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Department of Mental Health or the Alabama Medicaid Agency, Sec. 40-18-140 am'd.Debbie Wood02/16/2022
HB196Houston Co., authorize county commission to appoint members to the Houston County Health Care Authority Board of Directors, const. amend.Steve Clouse02/03/2022
HB195Etowah Co., boards of registrars, increase maximum number of days board may meet each year, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Gil Isbell03/01/2022
HB194Elections, prohibits state and local election officials and their employees from soliciting, accepting, using, or disposing of certain donations from individuals or nongovernmental entities for funding certain election-related expensesWes Allen04/07/2022Signed
HB193Elections, absentee voting and absentee ballot collection, prohibiting any person from accepting or receiving payment for any process relating to absentee ballotsWes Allen02/16/2022
HB192Pike Co., county commission, add'l sales and use tax, collection, distribution, use of the proceeds for county jail, Act 2017-332, 2017 Reg. Sess., am'd.Wes Allen02/16/2022Signed
HB191Natural Death Act, certification of surrogate to make end of life health care decisions, notarization requirement removed, Sec. 22-8A-11 am'd.Ed Oliver04/07/2022Signed
HB190Emergency medical services, declared to be for a public purposeEd Oliver02/23/2022
HB189Broadband, Connect Alabama Act of 2021 amended, minimum service threshold increased, Alabama Digital Expansion Division chief authorized to enter nondisclosure agreements, Connect Alabama Fund expenditure amended, Secs. 41-23-271, 41-23-273, 41-23-274 am'd.Randall Shedd02/01/2022
HB188Education, State Board of Education to adopt rules regarding controlling the spread of COVID-19 in public K-12 schools, reduce funding for public K-12 schools that violate rulesAndrew Sorrell02/01/2022
HB187Controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, exception for items used to test for the presence of fentanyl drugs, Sec. 13A-12-260 am'd.Allen Treadaway03/09/2022
HB186Baldwin Co., White House Fork Landmark District, annexation of property in district prohibited by local law, exception, const. amend.Harry Shiver02/17/2022
HB184Taxation, sales and use tax on food phased out, exempt beginning September 1, 2025.Mary Moore02/01/2022
HB185Employment wages, establishing minimum wageRalph Howard02/01/2022
HB183Medicaid, expand program to provide assistance to state residents, provide appropriations for adequate fundingMary Moore02/01/2022
HB182Public education employees, including K-12, postsecondary education, and AIDB, salary increaseBarbara Bigsby Boyd02/01/2022
HB181Revenue Department, writs of garnishment, authorized to be issued by mail, Sec. 40-2-11am'd.Rod Scott03/15/2022
HB180Baldwin Co., Stapleton Landmark District, annexation of property in district prohibited by local law, exception, const. amend.Harry Shiver02/17/2022
HB179Baldwin Co., Bon Secour Landmark District, annexation of property in district prohibited by local law, exception, const. amend.Steve McMillan02/17/2022
HB178Athlete agents, Alabama Athlete Agents Commission, meetings by virtual means, authorized under certain conditions, Sec. 8-26B-30 am'd.Chris Blackshear02/01/2022
HB177Home buyers, extend the ability to create a first-time and second chance home buyer savings account in banks or financial institutions, extend term of account, responsibilities further defined of account holders, Revenue Dept to report additional information, Secs. 24-11-5, 24-11-7, 24-11-10 am'd.Kyle South02/01/2022
HB176Alcoholic beverages, 18 to 20 year olds authorized to serve alcoholic beverages as employees, Secs. 28-1-5, 28-3A-25 am'd.Kyle South04/07/2022Signed
HB175Spanish Fort, corp. limits alt.Matt Simpson03/31/2022Signed
HB158Limestone Co., communication districts authorized to contract and cooperate with emergency communication distrct or public safety agency in a neighboring stateAndy Whitt02/22/2022Signed
HB174Sales and use tax on food, exempt from, beginning September 1, 2022.Mike Holmes01/18/2022
HB173Sales and use tax on food, exemption established, income tax deduction, deduction based on federal income tax paid, limit established, const. amend.Mike Holmes01/18/2022
HB172Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017, renamed Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2021, term limits provided for members of Committee on Alabama Monument Protection, duties of committee regarding petitions for waiver and petitions to raze provided, additional fines imposed, duties of Attorney General provided, punitive damages authorized, Secs. 41-9-235.1, 41-9-235.2 added; Secs. 41-9-230, 41-9-231, 41-9-232, 41-9-233, 41-9-234, 41-9-235, 41-9-236, 41-9-237 am'd.Tommy Hanes01/18/2022
HB171Home buyers, extend the ability to create a first-time and second chance home buyer savings account in banks or financial institutions, extend term of account, responsibilities further defined of account holders, Revenue Dept to report additional information, Secs. 24-11-5, 24-11-7, 24-11-10 am'd.Kyle South03/31/2022Signed
HB170Crimes and offenses, crime of female genital mutilation established, criminal penalties providedRod Scott03/17/2022
HB168Absentee voting, authorize without providing excuse, Secs. 17-11-3, 17-11-7 am'd.Laura Hall01/18/2022
HB169Alabama lottery, Alabama Lottery Corporation established, distribution of proceeds, duties and power terminated after a specified time, Section 65, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, am'd, const. amd.John W. Rogers01/18/2022
HB167Absentee voting, inmate identification card valid form of ID to vote absentee, Sec. 17-9-30 am'd.Laura Hall02/09/2022
HB166Coalition Against Domestic Violence, appropriation, operations plan and audited financial statement required, quarterly and end-of-year reports requiredLaura Hall03/09/2022
HB165Taxation, check-off contribution to State Park Division of the Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources, Dept. of Mental Health or the Alabama Medicaid Agency, Sec. 40-18-140 am'd.Debbie Wood01/18/2022
HB164Health care, practice of midwifery, scope of licensed practice further provided for, Sec. 34-19-14 am'd.Debbie Wood02/24/2022
HB163Income tax, optional standard deduction amount and adjusted gross income range allowable for maximum optional standard deduction and dependent exemption, increased, Secs. 40-18-15, 40-18-19 am'd.Lynn Greer04/07/2022Signed
HB162Income tax, exemption of up to $6,000 of taxable retirement income for individuals 65 years of age or older, Sec. 40-18-19 am'd.Lynn Greer04/07/2022Signed
HB161Flags, prohibits state agencies or institutions from purchasing American flag or Alabama State flag manufactured outside the United StatesAndy Whitt01/18/2022
HB160Transportation, public transportation, car sharing programs, requirements for operation at airports providedAndy Whitt01/18/2022
HB159National Guard, Space Force, Space National Guard, bill operative only if federal government creates Space National Guard, Secs. 31-2-1, 31-2-3, 31-2-55, 31-2-57, 31-3-1 am'd.Andy Whitt01/18/2022
HB157Courts, Alabama Court Cost Commission, established, const. amend.Chris England01/18/2022
HB156Driving under the influence, pretrial diversion programs, ignition interlock devices required, provision repealing in July 2023 deleted, Act 2018-517, 2018 Reg. Sess., am'd; Sec. 32-5A-191 repealed.Arnold Mooney02/02/2022
HB155Retirement System of Alabama, surviving spouse benefit of a retirement eligible member who dies in active service, benefit-option amended under District Attorneys' Plan, Judges' and Clerks' Plan, Teachers' and Employees' Retirement System, Secs. 12-17-277.6, 12-18-156, 16-25-14, 36-27-16 am'd.Corley Ellis03/15/2022Signed
HB154Pickens Co., volunteer fire depts, use of ad valorem tax proceeds for emergency medical services, const. amend.Rodney Sullivan02/24/2022Signed
HB153University of West Alabama, board of trustees authorized to conduct certain meetings by video or telephone conference, Sec. 16-53-4 am'd.Artis McCampbell03/15/2022Signed
HB152Jefferson Co., retirement system for county employees, reemployment with county, benefits not reduced if reemployed two years after retirement or after two years of reemployment, certain provisions for reduction amended and repealed, Sec. 45-37-123.54 am'd; Sec. 45-37-123.105 repealedRod Scott03/29/2022Signed
HB151Military, spouses, occupational licensing boards, date revised by which rules must be adopted, timeframe extended for which a temporary permit to practice is effective, Sec. 31-1-6 am'd.Parker Moore02/17/2022
HB150Public health, medical procedures for minors intended to alter appearance of gender prohibited, exceptions provided, criminal penalties providedWes Allen01/18/2022
HB149Alcoholic beverages, retail table wine licensee, off-premises sale of approved containers, provided for, Sec. 28-3A-15 am'd.Gil Isbell02/09/2022
HB148Tuscaloosa Co. and Jefferson Co., sewer systems, privately owned in City of Lakeview and unincorp. area of Tuscaloosa Co., reg. by Public Service Comm. from Jan. 2023 to Dec. 2027, const. amend.Rich Wingo04/07/2022Signed
HB147Taxation, income tax, exclusion of enhanced federal child tax credits from American Rescue Plan Act from calculation of federal income tax deduction for tax year 2021, to provide an extension of the due date for certain taxpayers, Secs. 40-16-3.1, 40-18-39.1 added.Jim Carns01/13/2022
HB146Education, public K-12, establishing a program of advance enrollment for children of military familiesDebbie Wood02/24/2022
HB145Motor vehicle, financing and lease agreements, lease waiver agreements to pay deficiency balances at end of lease, motor vehicle value protection agreements to reduce deficiency balances, Secs. 8-37A-1 to 8-37A-6, inclusive, added; Sec. 8-37-2 am'd.Reed Ingram02/16/2022
HB144Elections, municipal elections, runoff elections eliminated when only two candidates run and there is a tie; county and precinct elections, tie votes, decided by judge of probate by lotSam Jones04/07/2022Signed
HB134Teachers Retirement System, 30-year service retirement, member contribution rate increased, Secs. 16-25-14, 16-25-21 am'd.Alan Baker03/31/2022Signed
HB142Talladega College, appropriationDanny Garrett03/31/2022Signed
HB132Baldwin Co., White House Fork Landmark District, annexation of property in district prohibited by local law, exception, const. amend.Harry Shiver01/13/2022
HB131Elections, voter lists, judge of probate to place public voter lists on Internet public notice website maintained by Sec. of State, counties authorized to opt out, municipalities authorized to publish municipal voter lists on Sec. of State notice website, Secs. 11-46-36, 17-4-1 am'd.Andrew Sorrell01/13/2022
HB128Jury duty, exemption for nursing mothers provided, Sec. 12-16-63 am'd.Andrew Sorrell01/13/2022
HB125Colleges and universities, local boards of education, schools prohibited from using public funds to advocate for or against ballot measuresAndrew Sorrell02/09/2022
HB121Counties and municipalities, investment of certain funds in commercial paper and banker's acceptances, authorized under certain conditions, Sec. 11-81-21 am'd.Danny Garrett03/09/2022
HB143Crimes and offenses, crime causing deatn of another person, defendant not eligible for good time, Sergeant Nick Risner Act, Sec. 14-9-41 am'd.Phillip Pettus04/07/2022Signed
HB141Lyman Ward Military Academy, appropriationDanny Garrett03/31/2022Signed
HB140Tuskegee University, appropriationDanny Garrett03/31/2022Signed
HB139Appropriations, supplemental appropriations for fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, from the Education Trust Fund Advancement and Technology Fund to various school systems and colleges and universities, and other entitiesDanny Garrett01/13/2022
HB138Supplemental appropriation, from Education Trust Fund to various agencies and entities for fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, Act 2021-342, 2021 Reg. Sess., am'd.Danny Garrett04/07/2022Signed
HB137Teachers' Retirement System, retirees and beneficiaries, one-time lump sum funded payment based on years of service, payment in fiscal year 2022Danny Garrett01/13/2022
HB136Teachers and other public education employees, including K-12, postsecondary education, and AIDB, salary increaseDanny Garrett03/31/2022Signed
HB135Education budget, appropriations for the support, maintenance, and development of public educationDanny Garrett04/06/2022Signed
HB133Baldwin Co., Stapleton Landmark District, annexation of property in district prohibited by local law, exception, const. amend.Harry Shiver01/13/2022
HB130Certificate of Need program for health care facilities, eliminated, to abolish the Certificate of Need Board, and to update related code sections to remove references both to the program and to the powers and responsibilities at the Certificate of Need Review Board, Secs. 22-12A-3, 22-21-336, 22-21-341, 31-5A-11 am'd; Secs. 22-4-1 to 22-4-17, inclusive, 22-4-30 to 22-4-42, inclusive, 22-21-260 to 22-21-278, inclusive repealedAndrew Sorrell01/13/2022
HB127Virtual currency, exemption from ad valorem taxation provided, Sec. 40-9-1 am'd.Andrew Sorrell01/13/2022
HB129Motor vehicles, traffic citations, prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies from establishing traffic ticket quotas or providing incentives for issuance of traffic ticketsAndrew Sorrell01/13/2022
HB126Air ambulance, exempt from SHPDA and certificate of need, Sec. 22-21-279 added.Andrew Sorrell01/13/2022
HB124Public K-12 schools, student considered in attendance at school if present at a 4-H event, exceptionsNathaniel Ledbetter01/13/2022
HB123Schools, K-12, mental health service coordinator for each school system, subject to legislative appropriation, duties to Dept. of Mental Health and Dept. of Education, qualifications providedNathaniel Ledbetter04/07/2022Signed
HB122Railroads, prohibitions on blocking of emergency vehicles at grade crossings, providedDanny Garrett03/02/2022
HB120Child custody, allows judge to consider parental alienation for custody purposes, Secs. 30-3-2, 30-3-152 am'd.Mike Ball01/13/2022
HB119Alcoholic beverage retailers, authorize drive-thru and walk-up service to purchase alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumptionGil Isbell04/07/2022Signed
HB118Abortion, prohibits public funding or subsidization of abortion activities, with exceptions, prohibits use of government properties for abortions, prohibits public funds being used for certain endeavors, including abortionsRich Wingo01/13/2022
HB117Crimes and offenses, secondary metals recyclers, requirements for purchase, possession, and sale of detached catalytic converters, Secs. 13A-8-37.3 added; Sec. 13A-8-31.1, 13A-8-37.1 am'd.Paul W. Lee02/17/2022
HB116Employees' Retirement System, retirees, one-time lump-sum additional paymentChris Sells01/13/2022
HB115Lawrence and Limestone Counties, Board of Registrars, maximum number of days increased, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Proncey Robertson02/08/2022
HB114Child support, requires individuals convicted of driving while under the influence to pay child support for children of deceased victimsProncey Robertson01/13/2022
HB113General Fund budget, appropriations for other functions of government, debt service, and capital outlay for fiscal year ending September 30, 2023.Steve Clouse01/13/2022
HB112Appropriations, Supplemental appropriations for fiscal year 2022, from the State General Fund to the Alabama Board of Examiners in Counseling, the Alabama Corrections Institution Finance Authority (ACIFA) Program, the Board of Pardons and Paroles, the Department of Forensic Sciences, the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Agriculture, the State Law Enforcement Agency, the Department of Senior Services, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, the Alabama Tourism Department, the Department of Environmental Management, the Alabama Forestry Commission, and the General Fund Budget Reserve Fund.Steve Clouse01/13/2022
HB111Counties and municipalities, Police Funding Protection Act, created, to prohibit a county or municipality from reducing its operating budget, penaltiesReed Ingram02/23/2022
HB110Geneva Co., economic development, provisions for in certain named counties, Geneva Co., deleted from amendments, Amendment 429 and 759, Constitution of Alabama of 1901, am'd, const. amend.Jeff Sorrells02/09/2022
HB109Pharmacy Board, prescriptions, dispensing and compounding, intern or extern permits for college students and graduates serving internships, restrictions, fees, Sec. 34-23-50 am'd.Jeff Sorrells02/15/2022
HB108Elevators, Elevator Safety Review Board, required to review elevator safety standards within a certain amount of time after their effective date, installations and modifications to meet requirements of elevator safety rules, Secs. 25-13-6, 25-13-16 am'd.Alan Baker03/29/2022Signed
HB107Federal Aid Highway Finance Authority, date for payment of principal and interest, further provided, Sec. 23-1-314 am'd.Kyle South02/17/2022
HB106Revenue, local tax collecting officials, authorized to conduct on-line public auctions for collection of delinquent property taxes, Sec. 40-10-199.1 added; Secs. 40-10-180 to 40-10-188, inclusive, 40-10-191, 40-10-193, 40-10-194, 40-10-197, 40-10-199 am'd.Corley Ellis01/11/2022
HB105Abuse, registry for individuals convicted of certain crimes against elders, require certain care providers to query the registry, criminal penalties, Sec. 38-9-8 am'd.Victor Gaston03/15/2022Signed
HB104Pardons, posthumous pardons persons convicted of a Class A or B felony, to further provide for pardons after death, to delete requirement of granting based on racial discrimination, Sec. 15-22-113 am'd.Victor Gaston04/07/2022Signed
HB103Election, early voting, in-person voting period, authorizedAdline Clarke01/11/2022
HB101Boards of Registrars, require diversity of membership, Sec. 17-3-2 am'd.Barbara Drummond01/11/2022
HB102Insurance Risk Management and Insurance Center, Insurance Dept. to establish at state university and support, fund estab., approp. for center, Sec. 27-2-39 am'd.Kyle South03/10/2022Signed
HB100Women's Hall of Fame Board, membership revised, authorize board to meet electronically, location of the hall further provided for, Secs. 41-9-550, 41-9-551, 41-9-552 am'd.Terri Collins02/22/2022Signed
HB99Conecuh Co., county commission chair, selection for remainder of current term further provided, expense allowanceChris Sells03/17/2022Signed
HB98Shelby Co., boards of registrars, increase maximum number of days board may meet each year, Sec. 17-3-8 am'd.Corley Ellis02/08/2022
HB97Oil and Gas Board, underground gas storage facilities, regulation, gas further defined to include abandonment of underground storage facilities, performance bonds, fees by board, Secs. 9-17-150, 9-17-151 am'd.Barbara Drummond02/15/2022
HB96Education, public K-12 schools, requires installation of water bottle filling stationsJeremy Gray01/11/2022
HB95Court-imposed fines, Dept. of Corrections, inmates, 180-day grace period provided for payment of fines upon release from physical custodyJeremy Gray04/07/2022Signed
HB94Tick Borne Illness, Commission on, extended, Act 2016-356, 2016 Reg. Sess., am'd.K.L. Brown04/05/2022Signed
HB93Jefferson County, Cemetery Board, funding further provided, Sec. 45-37-30 am'd.Juandalynn Givan02/10/2022
HB92Secretary of State, Legislature, bills and resolutions, authorized to provide digital copies only, Sec. 36-14-1 am'd.Napoleon Bracy04/05/2022Signed
HB91Motor vehicles, license plates, county licensing official contract with a third party with county commission approval for print-on-demand validation decals, Sec. 32-6-64.2 added.Reed Ingram04/05/2022Signed
HB90Motor vehicle dealers, warranty service by dealers paid by manufacturers, reasonable compensation to be paid, determination procedures, Sec. 8-20-7 am'd.Reed Ingram02/09/2022
HB89Campaign finance reports, deadline for final pre-election report revised, Sec. 17-5-8 am'd.Mike Ball01/11/2022
HB88Midfield, city board of education, tax district in Jefferson County, ad valorem tax rate increaseMerika Coleman03/01/2022Signed
HB87Gardendale school tax district of Jefferson County Board of Education, renewal of ad valorem tax, referendumAllen Treadaway03/01/2022Signed
HB86Cullman Co., revenue commissioner, term of office to commence on December 1, following general election in 2026, current revenue commissioner's term shortened, const. amend.Randall Shedd02/22/2022Signed
HB85Public deposits, Security for Alabama Funds Enhancement (SAFE) Program board, to allow for virutal meetings, Sec. 41-14A-6 am'd.Danny Garrett04/06/2022
HB84Alabama Trust Fund, virtual meetings, provided for, operation of board provided for, Sec. 36-17-21 added.Danny Garrett04/05/2022
HB83Education, Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program board, may meet electronically, Sec. 16-33C-4.1 am'd.Danny Garrett04/05/2022
HB82Small Business Relief and Revitalization Act of 2022, cancellation of indebtedness income exempt from income tax, financial institution excise tax and corporate income tax due date extension, certain business tangible personal property ad valorem tax exemption, deposit of certified funds with Revenue in lieu of one-time surety bond for licensure, average monthly sales tax liability for estimated payments increased, Secs. 40-16-3.1, 40-18-39.1 added; Secs. 40-9-1, 40-23-6, 40-23-6.1, 40-23-7 am'd.Danny Garrett02/22/2022Signed
HB81Trussville, city board of education, tax district in Jefferson County, ad valorem tax rate increase, referendumDanny Garrett03/01/2022Signed
HB80Houston Co., sheriff, salary revised, Sec. 45-35-70 am'd.Paul W. Lee03/01/2022Signed
HB79Houston Co., probate judge, compensation provided, Sec. 45-35-83.01 am'd.Paul W. Lee03/17/2022Signed
HB77County tax assessing official, tax valuation disputes, authorized to defend state, Sec. 40-3-26 am'd.Kerry Rich03/17/2022Signed
HB78Insurance Dept., life and annuity policies, standard nonforfeiture law for individual deferred annuities, group capital calculation and stress test, providing for holding companies, duties to Commission and lead state commissioner, small company alternative valuation provision, exemptions, exemption premium based on valuation manual of NAIC, Commissioner of Insurance may regulate by rule, Secs. 27-15-28.2, 27-29-1, 27-29-3, 27-29-4, 27-29-7, 27-36A-20 am'd.Kerry Rich03/10/2022Signed
HB76Student athletes, compensation for use of student athlete's name, image, or likeness, Act 2021-227, 2021 Reg. Sess., repealedKyle South02/03/2022Signed
HB75Pharmacy Bd., pharmacist and permit holders, delivery of charges, election of board, delivery of ballots, Secs. 34-23-34, 34-23-90 am'd.Paul W. Lee02/09/2022
HB74Elections, prohibits the solicitation, receipt, or use of private funds to administer an election, with exceptionsAlan Baker01/11/2022
HB73Lottery, Alabama Lottery Commission, powers and duties prescribed, Alabama Lottery Corporation, powers and duties prescribed, lottery retailers regulatedRalph Howard01/11/2022
HB72Lottery, authorized, Alabama Lottery Corporation, created, Lottery Trust Fund, established, distrib. of proceeds, Sec. 65, Constitution of Alabama of 1901 am'd., const. amend.Ralph Howard01/11/2022
HB71Community development districts, entertainment districts, establishment authorized under certain conditions, Sec. 35-8B-3 am'd.Ed Oliver02/09/2022
HB70Mental illness, individuals in need of care for mental illness, establishes consistency in process of commitment of individuals with mental illnesses, Sec. 22-52-10.11 added; Sec. 22-52-1.1, 22-52-10.2, 22-52-91 am'd.Rex Reynolds03/29/2022Signed
HB69Retirement benefits, State Police Tier II Plan, to reopen to any employee of the State Law Enforcement Agency who is certified by the Alabama Peace Officers' Standards and Training Commission and perform law enforcement duties, Secs. 36-27-1, 36-27-16, 41-27-7 am'd.Phillip Pettus02/08/2022
HB68Criminal procedure, protected person defined, child under 16 a person with intellectual disability, protected person to be offered protection in criminal prosecutions for physical offenses, sexual offenses, and violent offenses, use of anatomically correct dolls or mannequins during testimony of a child under 12 or a protected person, authorized, Sec. 15-25-7 added; Sec. 15-25-33 repealed; Secs. 15-25-1, 15-25-2, 15-25-3, 15-25-5, 15-25-6, 15-25-30, 15-25-31, 15-25-32, 15-25-34, 15-25-36, 15-25-37, 15-25-38, 15-25-39 am'd.Matt Simpson03/29/2022Signed
HB66Firearms, offenses against public order, concealed pistols, concealed carry permit, constitutional carry, pistol permits, Secs. 9-11-304, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74 repealed; Secs. 13A-11-7, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-55, 13A-11-61.2, 13A-11-62, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-85, 13A-11-90 am'd.Shane Stringer01/11/2022
HB67Workers' compensation, firefighters, law enforcement officers, diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, reimbursed for certain out-of-pocket expenses, co's and municipalities required to maintain certain disability insurance coverageMatt Simpson01/11/2022
HB65Forever Wild Trust, carbon credits, receipts of funds provided for, const. amend.Ben Robbins01/11/2022
HB64Chambers Co., ad valorem tax, levy of addional 6 mills for education and county roads, extension of existing tax for 20 years, referendumDebbie Wood02/22/2022Signed
HB63Elections, prefilling of any field on voter registration application or absentee ballot application, prohibited, criminal penalties for violations imposed, Secs. 17-3-54, 17-11-4 am'd.Debbie Wood04/06/2022
HB62Lease tax exemptions, to provide a lease tax exemption for lease transactions to nonprofit corporations, Sec. 40-12-223 am'd.Ben Robbins01/11/2022
HB61State holidays, removing Confederate Memorial Day and adding Election Day as a state holiday, list of state holidays revised, Sec. 1-3-8 am'd.Chris England01/11/2022
HB60State holidays, to remove Robert E. Lee's birthday, list of state holidays revised, Sec. 1-3-8 am'd.Chris England01/11/2022
HB59State holidays, adding Juneteenth as a state holiday, list of state holidays revised, Sec. 1-3-8 am'd.Chris England01/11/2022
HB58State holidays, removing Jefferson Davis' birthday and adding State Employee Appreciation Day as a state holiday, list of state holidays revised, Sec. 1-3-8 am'd.Chris England01/11/2022
HB57Pardons and Parole Board, to create the Criminal Justice Policy Development Council, to specify membership of the council, to specify the duties of the council, require the board use parole release guidelines, parole proceedings revised, Sec. 15-22-26 am'd.Chris England02/09/2022
HB56Sentencing, to revise sentencing standards in certain circumstances, to repeal habitual felony offender act, to provide for resentencing for defendants whose sentences were based on the habitual felony offender act, Sec. 13A-5-14 added; Secs. 13A-5-9, 13A-5-10 repealed; Secs. 13A-5-6, 13A-5-13, 13A-11-241, 13A-12-231, 13A-12-233, 14-9-44, 32-5A-154, 32-5A-191 am'd.Chris England01/11/2022
HB55Community punishment and corrections, to require every judicial circuit to establish a community punishment and corrections program, Sec. 15-18-187 added; Secs. 15-18-172, 15-18-176 am'd.Jim Hill03/10/2022
HB54Alimony, termination upon cohabiting in a homosexual relationship, Sec. 30-2-55 am'd.Jim Hill04/07/2022Signed
HB53Voting rights restoration, application requirement eliminated, Board of Pardons and Paroles to determine eligibility to receive Certificate of Eligibility to Register to Vote, indigent individual's voting rights to be restored if individual is in compliance with approved payment plan for payment of fines, court costs and fees, Secs. 15-22-36.1, 17-3-31 am'd.Laura Hall01/11/2022
HB52Criminal procedure, probation revocation, judge auhtorized to use discretion in the length of sentence a defendant must serve if revokedJim Hill04/07/2022Signed
HB51Sentencing standards, to provide for resentencing of certain individuals convicted of nonviolent offenses, procedure for resentencing, Sec. 12-25-34.3 added.Jim Hill01/11/2022
HB50Schools, K-12, local boards of education required to provide feminine hygiene products in women's restrooms of certain schools, no cost to studentsRolanda Hollis04/06/2022Signed
HB49Nicotine, motor vehicles, smoking of tobacco products prohibited in vehicle with child aged 14 and under presentRolanda Hollis01/11/2022
HB45Crimes and offenses, Sergeant Nick Risner Act, created, to provide that the crime of manslaughter rends an inmate ineligible for good time, Sec. 14-9-41 am'd.Lynn Greer02/16/2022
HB48Funeral Service Board, licensure and regulation of funeral establishments, funeral directors, and embalmers further provided for, board members, compensation, Funeral Bd. Property Acquisition Fund estab., rules re sales by licensees auth., violations subject to disciplinary action, general liability policy required, apprenticeships further provided for, Secs. 34-13-1, 34-13-2, 34-13-4, 34-13-7, 34-13-9, 34-13-11, 34-13-12, 34-13-23, 34-13-24, 34-13-26, 34-13-27, 34-13-52, 34-13-53, 34-13-54, 34-13-55, 34-13-56, 34-13-56.1, 34-13-72, 34-13-73, 34-13-92, 34-13-94, 34-13-113, 34-13-130, 34-13-131, 34-13-132, 34-13-134 am'd.K.L. Brown04/07/2022Signed
HB47Funeral Service Board, licensing and regulation of cemetery authorities and cemeteries, Alabama Preneed Funeral and Cemetery Act, established, adding, amending and renumbering numerous sections, Secs. 27-17A-2, 27-17A-17, 27-17A-45, 27-17A-57 repealed; Secs. 34-13-1, 34-13-2, 34-13-4, 34-13-7, 34-13-9, 34-13-11, 34-13-12, 34-13-20, 34-13-22, 34-13-23, 34-13-26, 34-13-27, 34-13-52, 34-13-53, 34-13-54, 34-13-55, 34-13-56, 34-13-56.1, 34-13-111, 34-13-113 am'd.K.L. Brown04/06/2022
HB46Education Dept., State Seal of Biliteracy, established, recognizing high school graduates with the proficiency in English and at least one world language, including American sign languageTerri Collins03/29/2022Signed
HB44Firearms, concealed pistols, concealed carry permit, criminal code, offenses against public order, constitutional carry, pistol permits, Secs. 9-11-304, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-74 repealed; Secs. 13A-11-7, 13A-11-50, 13A-11-55, 13A-11-61.2, 13A-11-62, 13A-11-71, 13A-11-85, 13A-11-90 am'd.Andrew Sorrell01/11/2022
HB43Consumer protection, manufacturers of Internet-enabled devices to install filtering software to restrict access to certain material, penaltiesChris Sells01/11/2022
HB42Administrative procedures, minimum threshold for a proposed rule's economic impact set, measures to reduce cost of proposed rules, Secs. 41-22-5.1, 41-22-5.2, 41-22-23 am'd.Wes Allen02/16/2022
HB40Gambling device, crime of possession of a gambling device, slot machine manufactured before 1960 exempt from under certain limited circumstances, Sec. 13A-12-27 am'd.Chip Brown03/15/2022Signed
HB41Elections, prohibits state and local election officials and their employees from soliciting, accepting, using, or disposing of certain donations from individuals or nongovernmental entities for funding certain election-related expensesWes Allen01/11/2022
HB39Insurance Department, transfer of certain funds from Insurance Dept. Fund to Strengthen Alabama Homes Fund by Commissioner of Insurance, authorizedChip Brown03/10/2022Signed
HB38Washington Co., alcoholic beverage, dry county, authorized to change to wet county, county authorized to levy add'l taxes, const. amend.Brett Easterbrook01/11/2022
HB37Motor vehicles, autocycles, equipment required for operation, further provided, Secs. 32-6A-1, 32-5A-245 am'd.Charlotte Meadows04/07/2022Signed
HB36State employees, retired under ERS or TRS, compensation increased which does not affect retirement, Secs. 16-25-26, 36-27-8.2 am'd.Randy Wood01/11/2022
HB35Limestone Co., ad valorem taxes, senior property tax appraisal, person 65 or older, valuation frozen under certain conditions, const. amend.Danny Crawford02/03/2022
HB34Wastewater treatment facilities, loan payback period by local governing bodies extended, Sec. 22-34-11 am'd.Randy Wood02/15/2022
HB33Sentencing, to further provide for procedures relating to voluntary sentencing standards worksheets, Sec. 12-25-35 am'd.Randy Wood01/11/2022
HB32Vaccines, prohibits employers from requiring employees to receive COVID-19 vaccinations in certain circumstancesChris Sells01/11/2022
HB31Health, prohibiting employers public accomodations and occupational licensing boards from discriminating based on immunization statusRitchie Whorton01/11/2022
HB30Education, vaccination of students, public PreK-12 schools, public institution of higher education, exempts parents from student vaccination requirements for religious grounds even during a pandemic, extends exemption on personal beliefs, requires Dept. of Examiners of Public Account to include information about violations in audit reports, penalties, Sec. 16-30-3 am'd.Tommy Hanes01/11/2022
HB29Vaccines, employer-mandated COVID-19 vaccination, private right of action against employer for certain injuries or death resulting fromTommy Hanes01/11/2022
HB28Correction Dept., female inmates, prohibited practices regarding treatment of a pregnant female inmate or a female inmate who is in the immediate postpartum periodRolanda Hollis01/11/2022
HB27Discrimination, to make it unlawful to deny an individual full and equal employment of public accommodations based on certain protected classes, to make it unlawful for a local school board to discriminate against an individual based on certain protected classes, and to make it unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an applicant or employee based on certain protected classesRolanda Hollis01/11/2022
HB26Judicial Retirement Fund, notice deadline for transferring any creditable service and contributions removed, Sec. 12-18-110 am'd.Randy Wood04/07/2022Signed
HB25Volunteer fire departments, expenditure of funds for equipment and supplies, payment of mileage for volunteer fire depts to and from fire callsChip Brown01/11/2022
HB24Motor vehicles, distracted driving, use of cell phone while operating a motor vehicle prohibited, exceptions, Secs. 32-5A-353 to 32-5A-358, inclusive, added; Sec. 32-5A-350 repealed; Secs. 32-5A-351, 32-5A-352, am'd and renumbered, 32-10-8 am'd.K.L. Brown02/02/2022
HB23Abortion, prohibited, civil cause of action to enforce authorized against anyone who performs or aids and abets an abortion procedureJamie Kiel01/11/2022
HB22Prosthetists and Orthotists Board, orthosis, further defined to include custom-fitted orthosis, off-the-shelf orthotic device further defined, Sec. 34-25A-3 am'd.Steve Hurst02/23/2022
HB21Critical infrastructure, provides further for crime of unauthorized entry of a critical infrastructure, including unmanned aircraft systems, provides additional penalties, Sec. 13A-7-4.3 am'd.Scott Stadthagen02/10/2022
HB20Sales and use tax, military aircraft parts, exemption extended, Sec. 40-23-4 am'd.Paul W. Lee04/05/2022Signed
HB19Medical services, consent for health services, prohibit consent by minors to vaccines, Sec. 22-8-4 am'd.Chip Brown01/11/2022
HB18Public K-12 schools, allow parents of students to opt out of student masking requirementsChip Brown01/11/2022
HB16Vaccines, employer-mandated COVID-19 vaccination, private right of action against employer for certain injuries or death resulting fromTommy Hanes01/11/2022
HB17Drug trafficking, wiretapping by ALEA, interception of wire, oral, or electronic communications, Attorney General authorized to apply for court order for intercept and to apply for intercept orders, disclosure of recorded communications, penalties for violations, Secs. 20-2A-1 to 20-2A-15, inclusive, addedRex Reynolds03/29/2022Signed
HB15Taxation, Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Alabama and the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge F, and A.M. of Alabama, exempt from sales, county and municipal fees and taxesArtis McCampbell04/07/2022Signed
HB14Firearms, prohibitions on state enforcement of certain federal firearm laws, providedParker Moore01/11/2022
HB13Firearms, prohibitions on state enforcement of certain federal firearm laws, providedCraig Lipscomb01/11/2022
HB12Taxation, Black Belt Regional Child Advocacy Center, exempt from state, county, municipal sales and use taxes, Sec. 40-23-5 am'd.Artis McCampbell04/06/2022
HB11Public education, prohibits teaching of divisive concepts relating to race and sex, prohibits classification of students based on race, penaltiesDanny Crawford01/11/2022
HB10Taxation, commercial fishing, ad valorem tax exemption for vessels and equipment, sales and use taxes exemption for bait, levy of excise tax at a rate differential of one and one-half percent on purchase and storage of vessels and machinery used for commercial fishing, Secs. 40-9-1, 40-23-1, 40-23-4, 40-23-37, 40-23-60, 40-23-63 am'd.Chip Brown03/29/2022Signed
HB9Labor, prohibits state and political subdivisions from teaching divisive concepts relating to race or sex in training, prohibits same for state contractors, Dept. of Labor to review state agency training programsEd Oliver01/11/2022
HB8Education, prohibits public K-12 schools and public institutions of higher education from teaching certain divisive concepts relating to race or sexChris Pringle01/11/2022
HB7Firearms, Second Amendment Preservation Act, right to keep and bear arms, providedTommy Hanes01/11/2022
HB6Firearms, permitless carry, process for seized pistols amended, Secs. 13A-11-50, 13A-11-52, 13A-11-74 repealed; Secs. 13A-11-71, 13A-11-73, 13A-11-84 am'd.Shane Stringer01/11/2022
HB4Education, prohibit public institutions of higher education from providing support for organizations affiliated with China governmentTommy Hanes01/11/2022
HB5Law enforcement, use of physical force under certain conditions, prohobit use of deadly force in certain circumstances, recordings, procedure to determine to whom and what portion of a recording to disclose or release establishedJuandalynn Givan01/11/2022
HB3Emergency management, emergency management personnel carrying out emergency functions relating to disasters further defined as public safety services, Sec. 31-9-3 am'd.Allen Treadaway03/15/2022Signed
HB2Crimes and offenses, assault against a first responder, created, riot and inciting to riot, further provided, aggravated riot, and unlawful traffic interference, created, holding period after arrest, provided, penalties for defunding police, provided, Secs. 13A-11-3.1, 13A-11-5.1 added; Secs. 13A-6-21, 13A-11-1, 13A-11-3, 13A-11-4, 15-10-3 am'd.Allen Treadaway02/22/2022
HB1Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, to provide workplace protections against pregnancy discrimination and related medical conditions, Secs. 25-15-1 to 25-15-7, inclusive, added; Secs. 25-2-2, 25-2-7 am'd.Neil Rafferty01/11/2022
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